The Gift (Men of the Mountains Book 3) (English Edition)


Blake Sullivan works nearly every waking moment – between full shifts at the furniture factory and long hours trying to revive a long-dormant family farm. The last thing he needs is a relationship. Particularly with a rich-boy know-it-all who's had everything in life handed to him.

Warren Elliot is trying to make his mark in the world, impress his dad by showing just how sharp and ruthless his business instincts can be. When his dad's firm buys a furniture factory in a rural mountain community, finding love in the rustic countryside is the last thing Warren imagined. He never expected to become entangled with one of the locals.
Opposites often attract, and that was never truer of Blake and Warren, who fall head-over-heels for one another.

Then the real world crashes in. Warren's father demands he chop up the furniture company, selling it piece-by-piece, profiting the firm but leaving hundreds jobless. Blake can't stand by while that happens. He finds himself caught between standing with his new love, Warren, or with an uneasy alliance of men who would resist the new owners at any cost, even with extreme violence.

How far will Blake go to protect his community? Can Warren find it in himself to stand up to his father and resist? Will their love survive the tense, potentially violent stand-off, or will they be pulled irrevocably apart by forces beyond their control?

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The Gift (Men of the Mountains Book 3) (English Edition)

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