The Garden of Intuit (Ash Book 1) (English Edition)


Rarely publishing, Kurt Gödel was arguably the greatest mathematical realist since Leibniz and a friend of Albert Einstein at Princeton's Institute for Advanced Study. Gödel made a present to Einstein; from general relativity, he discovered a new kind of universe where traveling backward and forward in time was not only possible, but practical, effectively making the notion of time, meaningless. Physics ignored his present for 40 years.

Now, someone is wondering what other secrets Gödel left for us, buried in his notes.

Inbiots, a shadowy global technology and security company, thinks it has found one. It will take a lot of effort. Cutting edge physics, current biotechnology and artificial intelligence in a beyond the state-of-the-art research facility quietly operating in a forest just outside the Ottawa city suburbs. The stakes are high, others may be on the same trail and Ted McKeen CEO is not about to go the way of his predecessor. In The Garden of Intuit the first hint of a new reality might be dawning. How far will Inbiots be willing to go to ensure billions of profit and complete market domination?

When Echo Zah, a brilliant linguist, is injured in a mysterious fire, her good friend Willow Senquay is her emergency contact. With the support of their two friends, mathematician Norm Galant and physicist David Woudens, they begin to learn something of the truth behind Inbiots activities. The question will be, what will happen to them then?

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The Garden of Intuit (Ash Book 1) (English Edition)

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