The Fourth Age: Shadow Wars (English Edition)

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As the Third Age ends, a desperate Elven ship flees the war torn shores of Nostraterra, as Elf Queen Aradia races against time to save Bran, the diminutive Gracie who destroyed the Dark Lord Magnar. As the Fourth Age begins the domination of Men, force Elves and Dwarves to acknowledge the tyrannical might of the Westmen and their king Creon.
Secret societies within the mines of the Dwarves and forests of the Elves plot against the Westmen, unleashing horrific violence and destruction; determined to kill Creon’s son, crown-prince Alfrahil. Confronted by the scheming Fire Priests of the Dwarves and Dark Elven cults, messengers sent by Alfrahil barely escape with their lives to bring news of the plot back to Eldora. Falsely accused, Alfrahil’s brother Daerahil is convicted and banished by Creon to the broken ruins of Magnar’s former stronghold.
Battles fought within the shadows of all realms in Nostraterra foretell the coming struggle that may tear the lands apart. Will Alfrahil find the real conspirators and clear Daerahil’s name? How will the kings of the Elves and Dwarves control their fractious elements, yet still remain independent from Eldora? These and many other questions await you in the Fourth Age: Shadow Wars.

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The Fourth Age: Shadow Wars (English Edition)

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