The Fleshwood Martyr (English Edition)


Science Fiction

Like a story with a buxom heroine, a snarky sidekick, a lovable old man – and cannibals?
Living in a desert, attacked at every turn, under a sky choked with poisonous gas?
Great start for a science fiction, right?
Problem is, someday it won’t be fiction.
Soon this may be our story – and our world – because climate change is real.
Not much debate anymore.
Funny thing is, we could slow it down – or stop it – if we took just one more step . . .
And it’s not recycling or turning off lights or all the other things they told you about . . .
It’s the one thing they didn’t tell you about –
It’s halting animal agriculture – the cattle, poultry, hog, and fishing industries that are emptying the oceans, stripping the land, polluting the Earth, and accelerating climate change.
If we stopped eating meat – if we all went vegan – we’d all be healthier – and so would the planet.
So . . . if they’re not going to tell you, we are!
The Fleshwood Martyr is the story of an Eden destroyed by meat-eaters reduced to consuming each other. The last hope lies in a barricaded lab where the remaining sane – Fantasia, Rush, and Dr. Hart – struggle to save an undeserving world – while holding the cannibals at bay!
Their solution? The Fleshwood Tree.
This miraculous plant will nourish the starving, replenish the air, provide shelter for the suffering –
But solutions are never easy, and there is always a cost.
Sometimes a terrible cost . . .
It’s a cautionary tale, but funny and sad and hopeful. The art is delightful, engaging, and, well, a little racy.

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The Fleshwood Martyr (English Edition)

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