The First Five Years: . . . and Beyond (English Edition)

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The First Five Years is a memoir to record the ordinary life of an ordinary woman who was changed by an extraordinary encounter with God at the age of forty-four.

It recounts memories of childhood years through to teenage years, eventually being married just three days before turning twenty, then on to a life raising a family.

It is a life of joy and hope turning into depression, despair, and grief then back again into peace.

It is the story of God’s redemptive grace, bringing hope out of depression, comfort out of grief, trusting out of doubting, and faith where there was none.

Heather felt that God instructed her years ago to write a book with this title. She has now written it first and foremost for her children and grandchildren but has also felt the need to share it in the hope that someone may be encouraged to know that, no matter where life has taken them, no matter how ordinary we think this life is, God can turn it around for our good.

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The First Five Years: . . . and Beyond (English Edition)

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