The Eternal Menace 2: The Mysterious Army (English Edition)

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Kizm creates his own nation, demanding the other countries respect his power. An invisible wall holds millions hostage inside his new territory, along with frightening security capable of setting the entire nation aflame.

Meanwhile, Kwon and Zembok must undergo intense training to get ready for Kizm’s soldiers, especially one particular knife-wielding henchman who is close to awakening the ultimate serpent of destruction. Their training involves a technique meant to put the body through so much stress that no ordinary person can endure it without mentally breaking.

When Kizm’s usurpation isn’t accepted by powerful nations, he adds fuel by attacking those nations. The attacks bring to light an army Kizm’s been saving for these moments. His army induces panic throughout the world, causing the other nations to align with each other to battle him. They’ll need all the help they can gather—even if that help is a deadly criminal with a past connected with the mysterious army.

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The Eternal Menace 2: The Mysterious Army (English Edition)

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