The Devil’s Iron Eagle (English Edition)

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In enemy territory, any moment could be your last …

The closing days of World War Two.

A diabolical plot.

The lives of thousands on the line.

Ian Flynn, crack commando, leads a team of U.S. Army Rangers on one of the most daring missions of the war: breach a seemingly impregnable mountain bastion and destroy a chilling new Nazi super weapon poised to change the course of history.

Flynn and his Rangers are joined in a war time tale of extreme courage, unforgivable deceit, and high suspense by a hardened Soviet Secret Police Officer, an ambitious American O.S.S. Agent, and a mysterious German woman, a Fraulein whose beauty is matched in magnitude only by the secret she holds.Pitted against a merciless enemy determined to stop them, Flynn and his group soon find themselves inextricably caught in the relentless tide of war: risking it all … for all that matters.

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The Devil’s Iron Eagle (English Edition)

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