The Demise of the Boleyns (English Edition)

Historische Romane

England, 1536. George Boleyn is the brother of Anne Boleyn, second wife of Henry VIII. In 1536 he is accused, along with other courtiers, of high treason and imprisoned in the Tower of London. He has time to think about his life.
This novel tells the remarkable story of his life as a courtier and brother in law of the most unrestrained King of England, who liked to dispose of his wives, even by beheading them. George Boleyn is a man with a lot of wit and charisma, but also some weaknesses including pride and arrogance. On behalf of his king, he travels to Rome to meet the Pope and to the illustrious court of the King of France, Francis I. But moreover, he is a man of his time and a witness to the ruthless manor in which King Henry VIII ruled his country.

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The Demise of the Boleyns (English Edition)

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