The Clash of the Blowins (English Edition)


The Clash of the Blowins is the latest mind blowing novel from the world renowned Australian novelist Doug Moody.

Blake Winton is back, and we discover that the gout infested drop-kick is surrounded by the usual army of bludgers. Poor Blake finds his musical career in tatters when his own songs are ripped off by a pack of pan-licking lawyers, and an ageing good time girl.

We meet a cavalcade of broken down crocks and hoons who reside in Australia, the bludgers capital of the world. Some are low life scrounging bogans, others are slightly more upper class blowins who are freeloaders to their very core. The blowin can’t stick to anything, neither can they hold down a job.

A blowin will blow in, blow up and blow out!

Suddenly it’s on for young and old alike when the eccentric Steam Punk fraternity in England decide to run a quest to seek blowins who can invent a new steam powered contraption. All and sundry want a slice of the action, and begin to devise a series of outrageous plans in order to get their hands on some easy cash from the other side of the world.

Word soon spreads to a group of Red Necks at a truck stop in the USA, they decide to jump on the gravy train by employing a mob of illegals from Mexico. Will the Red Necks reliance on medical marijuana bring about their eventual downfall? Will the illegals be discovered and shipped back to where they belong.

Will the Steam Punk hierarchy see a return to the glory days of the black gold, and will blowins across Australia hit the jackpot?

Read on for the adventure of a lifetime.

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The Clash of the Blowins (English Edition)

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