The Campaign of the Jungle (Annotated) (English Edition)


I. Dismaying News 1 II. Something about the Situation at Malolos 10 III. An Adventure on the Pasig River 20 IV. The Gap in the Firing Line 30 V. An Encounter at the River 41 VI. In which Luke Striker is Wounded 52 VII. The Retreat to the Rice-house 61 VIII. A Prisoner of the Filipinos 70 IX. The Advance into the Jungle 81 X. The Taking of Angat 91 XI. The Crossing of the Rio Grande River 101 XII. Something about a Poisoned Well 112 XIII. In which a Flag of Truce is fired Upon 122 XIV. Surrounded by the Enemy 132 XV. The Escape from the Burning House 141 XVI. News from Home 150 XVII. In and out of a Strange Pitfall 160 XVIII. The Adventure at the Mill-house 169 XIX. News of Larry 179 XX. The Advance upon Maasin 189 XXI. Camping Over a Powder Magazine 199 XXII. The Result of an Ambush 208 XXIII. The Tornado in the Cane-brake 218 XXIV. The Flight for Liberty 227 XXV. The Caves under the Mountain 235 XXVI. Boxer the Scout 244 XXVII. The Departure of the Olympia 257 XXVIII. The Advance upon San Isidro 267 XXIX. Larry is sentenced to be Shot 280 XXX. A Rescue under Difficulties 292 XXXI. The Fall of San Isidro–conclusion 305

"'You are from the Olympia, I believe?'" Frontispiece PAGE "'Alto!' came the sudden cry" 47 "'Hullo, sailor, where did you come from?'" 82 "'The well is poisoned! don't drink! it will kill you!'" 115 "His sword kept the two Tagals back" 146 "'Can you hold on a few minutes longer?'" 173 "On they plodded, up an incline that seemed to have no end" 236 "Down went the sapling over the edge of the cliff" 281

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The Campaign of the Jungle (Annotated) (English Edition)

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