The Beach Book, Tortola, British Virgin Islands Edition (English Edition)


The ultimate guide to ALL of Tortola's 19 beaches. The book is complete with maps, detailed directions, stunning photos, and important tid-bits of information that can only be obtained by someone who has been there, seen that, and told all.

Some who have never been to Tortola or the British Virgin Islands may wonder why they need such a guide. Picture a charming tropical island, but one without signs, clear landmarks, steep hills, and many well-paved roads. Most of the beaches are accessible, but only if you know how to get there. The roads are often nothing more than rough pock laden trails cut through steep mountainous ravines. Planning your trip is important so that you understand the conditions and travel times. Even the more well known beaches can be tricky to find. And, with 19 choices, you want to choose the best.

Why, then, would anyone go to so much trouble to find one of these beaches? Because often at the end of your journey is pure majesty. Having miles of pristine sand and ocean, outstanding amenities, unique geographic formations, exquisite snorkeling, and beautiful water is well worth the effort.

Learn from me so that you can plan, arrive safely, and enjoy the splendor that is a Tortola beach.

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The Beach Book, Tortola, British Virgin Islands Edition (English Edition)

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