The Alien Artifact 10 Part I (English Edition)

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A new mind-boggling action-packed science fiction horror thriller!
An ultimate voyager starship explores the deepest depths of space and a desolate lost world, where the source of an extraterrestrial signal has been detected by NASA and the SETI institute, and they explore the lifeless dark mysterious DP1 world, and encounter something of unknown origins, and a colossal alien artifact!
A hideous shape shifting presence tries to get aboard the voyager, which it can use to get to the Earth, and they trace the source of the extraterrestrial signal deep under the DP1 world’s surface, where they discover a colossal alien artifact, with a form of extraterrestrial consciousness, and visualizations of star systems in the deepest depths of space, and discover mind-bending phenomena everywhere.

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The Alien Artifact 10 Part I (English Edition)

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