Team: Tiger: A Paranormal Menage Romance (English Edition)



When Renee Simpson found herself kidnapped by a gang of angry vampires she could only pray for a miracle to save her.

That miracle arrived in the form of a team of two handsome WereTigers called Adrian and Logan. They were sent to rescue Renee and lead her to safety.

However, whilst she was thankful that the WereTigers had gone out of their way to save her she had to wonder just what was in it for them. Were they being kind? Or would they want to be repaid somehow?

The truth was that what they really wanted was even more shocking than she ever imagined….

This is a Paranormal Shapeshifter Romance that includes themes such as menage a trois, two shifters pleasuring a woman and other scenes of an adult nature. Please only read if 18+

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Team: Tiger: A Paranormal Menage Romance (English Edition)

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