Teacher Bashing. Why it Happens and Why it’s Bullshit. (English Edition)

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Bludgers. Overpaid slackers. Greedy. Know-it-alls. Insufferable whingers. Burnouts. Duds. Failures.

The vocabulary used to describe teachers throughout the western world reflects the outrageous esteem in which it regards its teachers. From Australia to the United States to Great Britain, the teaching profession is fighting a constant battle against a corrosive and pernicious cultural pastime – teacher bashing.

Part reflection and passionate defence of teachers everywhere, D.B.Hughes reflects on his own experience as a secondary school teacher to explore both the joys and challenges of teaching in the 21st Century.

"The aim of this book is to not only contribute to a conversation that addresses the issue of teacher bashing, but to provide teachers, particularly new teachers, with a perspective that will hopefully provide some comfort. I often find myself wondering if the frustrations and struggles I experience are mine alone, but it only takes a five minute chat with a colleague or a fellow teacher to recognise that our feelings are regularly common. Sometimes we forget that. Ironically, it can be a lonely job, teaching, and it’s often assuring to know that our daily battles are shared by those in the next classroom. This is a personal account after teaching for several years. It’s designed as part reflection, part vent, and part defence of the great job thousands of teachers are doing every day."

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Teacher Bashing. Why it Happens and Why it’s Bullshit. (English Edition)

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