Tantric Sex: Beginner’s Guide to Kama Sutra, Tantra and Tantric Sex Massage: Tantric Sex Positions(Tantric Sex, Tantra, Tantric Massage, Kama Sutra, Sex, … Positions) (Tantric Sex1) (English Edition)

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Kamasutra & Tantra

Re-discover your sexual fantasies with your partner with Tantric sex

Tantric sex positions to improve your sex life
If you feel like your sexual energies are not as strong as before, you want to explore it better, or you just want to try something new in bed with your partner, the ancient ritual of Tantric sex and Kama Sutra is the perfect solution. Endorsed by several celebrities like Sting, this practice is known to help you control your sexual energies so that you can find a deeper connection with your partner. It is all about holding on to your sexual experience and enjoying it longer.

Tantric sex and Kama Sutra to rekindle the fire between lovers

The ancient Indian tradition of Tantric sex is based on the idea of invoking divine energy into the human body. There are several practices and rituals that allow you to channelize this energy, including meditation and yoga. But, one of the most powerful channels is the union of the male and female polarity. In simple words, sex is used as a ritual in tantra to help you use the abundant sexual energy available to you and use it in various other aspects of your life. This practice helps you enjoy better sex, of course, but also makes you more calm and creative!
However, very little is known about Tantric sex, leading to several inhibitions about it. This book on Tantric sex is especially for those of you who are intrigued by it and want to find out more.

This Tantric Sex Guide covers important subjects like:

?The history and origin of Tantric sex
?The right steps to practice Tantric sex
?Tantric sex positions that will help you and your partner develop that connection
?Introducing your partner to the concept of Tantric sex
?Exercise to help you get better
Tantric sex is all about being in the moment and savoring each movement that you are your partner indulge in. This book allows you to understand the philosophy behind this ancient practice. Also known as sacred sexuality, Tantric sex allows you to understand your own sexuality and explore it further each time.

Tantric sex for beginners

If you are one of those people who are heavily stressed by the through of not being able to pleasure your partner in bed, Tantric sex and Kama Sutra sex are the best ways to relax and take it slow. With no goals, except just getting in sync with your beloved until you breathe as one, this ancient Eastern practice is one of the best sexual experiences that you and your partner can ask for. It is, after all, connecting your souls through the body. This Tantric sex book is also great for beginners as the book offers many different positions and tips for lovers to try out and explore the sexual desires with their partners.
Go ahead and get your Tantric Sex Guide!!!!
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Tantric Sex: Beginner’s Guide to Kama Sutra, Tantra and Tantric Sex Massage: Tantric Sex Positions(Tantric Sex, Tantra, Tantric Massage, Kama Sutra, Sex, … Positions) (Tantric Sex1) (English Edition)

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