Tantric Massage: Beginner's Guide, Tips and Techniques to Master the Art of Tantric Massage! (English Edition)

Kamasutra & Tantra


Being touched by the hands of another is a fundamental human need.

In this book, discover the ancient, practice of Tantric massage and how it takes touch to a whole new level.

Through the ages, sensual massage has been a widely practiced form of intimate connection between those who know its secrets. With a long and fascinating past, sensual massage is found all over the world, it secrets delighting the initiated with a whole new level of touch. Tantric massage, especially, is an erotic font of mutual delight and ecstasy.

Science is now proving that the need to be touched is a vital part of our ability to communicate. In fact, touch is a language that transcends all other forms of communicating. It needs no words. In these pages, you’ll find out how your hands can learn to speak it with eloquence and sensitivity, by connecting with Tantric massage.

In this book, you’ll be initiated into the art of sensual massage and reading about:

  • How the human sense of touch is the first we develop, in the womb.
  • The sometimes colorful history of sensual massage.
  • Touch as a communicative superpower.
  • The secrets of ancient Tantric massage and the roles of Yoni and Lingam.
  • The Japanese art of Nuru and other forms of sensual massage, today.
  • Male and female erogenous zones.
  • Some handy helpers to enhance your sensual massage experience.
  • What makes the male prostate so super special.
  • All about lubes and oils to make you Tantric massage experience even better.

Discover the eroticism of Tantric massage in this unique exploration of its sensual wonders. Deepen your sexual IQ, by getting to know the wild world of sensual, Tantric massage; a world in which your fingers do the talking.

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Tantric Massage: Beginner's Guide, Tips and Techniques to Master the Art of Tantric Massage! (English Edition)

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