Talitha and the Gnome: The Warg (English Edition)


Note that this new version of the book includes wonderful, sometimes comical, narration of the story by professional actors. The author has even read select pages for you. Your child need only touch the "play" button, and text on that page will be read out loud. Also included is the theme song, "I Won't be Afraid."

The series is designed, through entertainment and not didactic lessons, to nourish many skills and attitudes necessary, in the opinion of this writer, to the continued growth of a healthy world. Such attitudes include, amongst others, respect for the environment, respect for the multi-varied creeds, colors, and cultures of the world, respect and compassion for animals, and compassion for the needy and underprivileged. Essentially, the series will offer children a measure of exposure to the strength of the human will, the power of love, and the might of knowledge.
In subsequent episodes, Talitha, Gnome, and Scamper embark on many adventures together, facing adversity, thwarting evil, and celebrating the power of the human spirit.
Each episode should embrace a theme calculated to resonate with the target audience. The following short synopses, one for each of two episodes, illustrate the tone of the proposed series.

In the end, the goal is to create a body of work that is more than just an entertaining distraction for children. The mission is to create a series that both entertains and educates, with lessons for a healthy world, peopled with societies united by compassion and understanding.

Talitha, a pretty, 12-year-old girl, lives in a remote village, a simple place, existing in a time before coffee shops, sneakers, and television. The village people, mainly farmers, happily toil from sunrise to sunset. During the day the sounds of cheerful children filter across the fields and through the nearby woods.

Come sunset, everything changes. People hurry to their homes, lock the doors and latch the window shutters. Before the light is gone, the streets are consumed by an eerie silence. And then it comes – a woeful wail from the woods, long and loud. It becomes the task of one little girl, Talitha, to show the village that love and courage are potent weapons against fear. Upon her tiny shoulders rests the fate of an entire village, as she and her beloved little dog, Scamper, enter the woods one night. There they find a world enchanted and magical, populated by a ferocious beast called a “warg”, talking trees, a crusty old gnome, and a myriad of other strange beings.

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Talitha and the Gnome: The Warg (English Edition)

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