Sweet Jazz: A Lesbian Romance (English Edition)

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"It’s just sex. I’m no good at relationships."
Brash and bossy, Ricki only planned to swing back home for a day after her stint in the Army was up. But when she comes home to an out-of-control family scene, she gets pulled into what she hopes is one last dramatic moment before she can get the hell out of there.

Long-legged and longing for more than the small town can give her, Jazz is only sticking around for as long as loyalty requires her. The stress is eating her up, and she needs to start working on her own life instead of cleaning up everybody else’s.

When one hardened badass meets one stubborn, rising star, the attraction is explosive. But among declarations of "I’m not gay" and "I’m not the relationship kind," a real connection begins to simmer. If Ricki and Jazz can hang on long enough let their passion come to a boil, they might just have a chance at real happiness.

***steamy lesbian f/f romance novel with an HEA***

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Sweet Jazz: A Lesbian Romance (English Edition)

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