Survival: 30 Essential Knots Every Survivalist Needs To Know (English Edition)

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30 Essential Knots Every Survivalist Needs To Know

Skill to do something smartly is what will save your life in case of a survival situation. Often times it is one of the simplest of skills that you might have, which will prove to be most useful. We all know how to use a line (rope etc) and tie a simple knot. We know how to tie our shoes quite early in life, and then possibly we learned lashing our books together to carry them with convenience. We also tie ribbons as we prepare gifts and even tie off certain cuts of meats too. This way we are all familiar with ropes (lines) and may be few knots for our usual life. Then as and when a survival situation is encountered, we need to know how special and specialized knots are made.

Making knots when we have mastered the skill becomes a mechanical work that we enjoy outdoors. All it needs is a good practice to handle a certain situation. We need to repeat those actions to practice making of perfect knots to fit into a certain situation. An expert person would automatically choose a knot and will skillfully complete all its steps saving time and energy. In short practice makes a man perfect.

This book explains 30 important knots commonly needed in almost all situations. New thinking and new approach is something that every intelligent person is gifted with. Anybody can think differently and make improvements in what has been grasped and written in this book. But a word of caution is that avoid trying something new in survival situations. These are the situations that demand proven methods and using tried products. Furthermore, do not compromise of quality and reliability. Every item in survival kit should be thoroughly tested and experience should be shared openly. It is all understandable that failure of a rope (a line) or a knot would flatly mean weather you will survive or not and that is what makes the difference surviving and not.

Each knot described in this book carries pictorial representation of what we have said. Words may mean something to one and another thing to another reader but those pictures would mean the same thing to all readers of this book. That is why carefully looking at those pictures and digesting the message is extremely important as you practice certain knots. So learn this as best as you can and enjoy your life to the maximum with confidence.

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Survival: 30 Essential Knots Every Survivalist Needs To Know (English Edition)

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