Summary of Killing the Rising Sun from Bill O'Reilly


Killing the Rising Sun conveys tales from the Pacific battleground of the Second World War consisting of the questionable United States choice to establish and make use of atomic weapons. Sustained by self-confidence in their racial supremacy, the Japanese put in a fantastic effort to broaden their empire throughout East Asia. When Prime Minister Hideki Tojo persuaded Emperor Hirohito to assault Pearl Harbor, war with the United States and the other Allied forces was inescapable. While it was true that Japan had actually concurred to previous Geneva Conventions, they broke those arrangements during their war effort. From their pre-World War II invasion of China until after the emperor accepted defeat, Japanese soldiers committed offensive acts. These acts consisted of rape, killing, mutilation of remains, and enslavement of innocent bystanders.

This is a summary and analysis of the book and not the original book.

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Summary of Killing the Rising Sun from Bill O'Reilly

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