Sultry One Night Stands 3: 4 Short Stories (Jane’s Sultry Erotica Collection) (English Edition)

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Enter the world of Jane and enjoy the sensual delights.

1. Internet Valentine: Finding Love Online

He may not know wrong from right. All he knows is that he will love her tonight.

Casey has found the hot stud of her dreams on The horny couple plan to meet for the first time on Valentine’s Day. After a sensual dinner, things get heated up at a nearby motel when her handsome date pulls out a special surprise for his lovely lady. Find out what sets him apart from all the others and the secret that only he has to take a woman’s breath away.

2. The Girl in the Window

The handyman for The Sleep Easy Motel has found himself in a difficult situation. After a night of heavy drinking and fantasizing about the prostitute in the room below his, the hunky janitor’s dream becomes a nightmare. What really happened to the girl in the window?

3. Flirting with Disaster

Blame it on The Seven Year Itch

After a steamy sexual encounter with a dreamy muscular stud, Alexa can’t get the tattooed beefcake to leave her alone. Find out what happens when the stalker comes knocking at the horny housewife’s door and her hubby answers.

4. Lot Lizard: Night with a Trucker

Hey there tall dark and handsome, are you ready for a good time?

Lola is a Lot Lizard. She pays for her drug habit by working Iowa 80 Rest Stop. After hooking up with a newbie trucker that wants to pleasure her for a change, why is she having a hard time remembering? What really happened?

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Sultry One Night Stands 3: 4 Short Stories (Jane’s Sultry Erotica Collection) (English Edition)

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