Sugar Rush: Pilot (English Edition)

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Sugar Rush follows the story of Lacy "Sugar" Robbins, an aging prostitute struggling with drug addiction, her relationship with her five estranged children, and years of trauma working the streets for abusive pimps. When a college student finds the tragedy of Sugar intriguing, she reveals a secret that holds the potential to turn Sugar's life around. With this secret, the two embark on a journey through Avalon's underworld that deepens their relationship over a shared goal for more power. This leads them to consider running an escort service large enough to sink the secrets of Avalon's wealthiest, thirstiest, most powerful citizens into their pool of wealth and knowledge.

Sugar Rush is only 1/11(!) of the serials taking place on the abstract island of Avalon. Prolific author Jonathan Hutchins aims to deliver a world similar to ours; where players representing good, evil, or the many shades of gray in-between, stand connected by each action they take. Stay tuned!

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Sugar Rush: Pilot (English Edition)

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