Style 7 in 1 Box Set : The Complete Fashion Guide to Beauty, Chic Style and Elegance, French Chic, Organization, Crochet, Social Media, Sleep, Smart Wardrobe (English Edition)


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The Complete Fashion Guide to Beauty, Chic Style and Elegance

Chic style can take you from the board room to the movies without missing a beat. It is all about an effortless core wardrobe, timeless makeup techniques, and confidence. The secret to a fabulous French Chic look has nothing to do with the latest trendy blouse or a pair of statement shoes and everyone can achieve a forever fabulous look and pull it off with charm and style.
This book is a guide for achieving a unique look that is chic and elegant; timeless and beautiful.

French Chic

The Lady's Guide to French Style and Elegance Secrets

This book has been put together for every woman who wants to know what makes French women so darn perfect! You have scoured fashion magazines for answers and researched Paris fashion, but for some reason, no one provides an answer you can use.
You are willing to do or buy just about anything to capture that French chic look but all your effort has been for naught.


The Art Of Decluttering and Simplifying Your Life Forever

You have just taken the first step to simplifying and decluttering your life by taking this precious time to go through this book. This has probably been a big step for you to realize that you need help in eliminating the clutter that surrounds you in order to help you live a simplified and organized life.
We should try to change our bad habits and replace them with good ones. Development of our good habits can be likened to a sport whereby People only exercise for a better body, but don’t take the time to train their habits on how to surpass and become victorious since our own habits are responsible for will happen in the future. With help of this book, you will be able to conquer all your clutters in life.

Summer Crochet

10 DYI Crochet Patterns to Look Fabulous This Summer

Summer is here! Alternatively, at least we are approaching the warmer weather that often lifts people's spirits. This is because, once this season is on the horizon, we often begin to see green grass and blue skies.
We walk around and witness the beauty of the blooming flowers and enjoy the natural aroma that comes along with their freshness.


How To Master Social Media Marketing With Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram, Google+ And Pinterest

For those who are just starting to use social media for marketing, you will be amazed at how social media can streamline your operations and make them more cost effective. Using social media is a much easier way to get people talking about you and what you do. As a result, social media can drastically build up much profit when promoting your products or services.
It can as well boost your business much faster.


7 Steps To Break The Insomnia Cycle Forever

We all know that getting a good nights sleep is important to our health, our job performance, and just about everything else we do everyday. Unfortunately, many people suffer with insomnia and other sleep disorders on a nightly basis. If you have tried just about everything, including sleeping pills, it’s time to reset your internal clock and start fighting back with steps that have proven results.

Smart Wardrobe

A Guide To Discovering Your Personal Style And Building A Fabulous Wardrobe On A Budget

Creating an awesome wardrobe on a budget is possible. It is all about expressing your personal style; once you have established your unique style, the rest falls into place.

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Style 7 in 1 Box Set : The Complete Fashion Guide to Beauty, Chic Style and Elegance, French Chic, Organization, Crochet, Social Media, Sleep, Smart Wardrobe (English Edition)

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