Stomach Ulcer – Treatment, Home Remedies, Recipes (English Edition)

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One of my friends was suffering back pain. Her doctor prescribed her to take ibuprofen to get relief from the pain. Unfortunately, the pain got worse and she was having shortness of breath. Before she could’ve have diagnosed for pneumonia, her condition became worse and soon she landed in the ER. The doctors there informed that she was almost dying due to bleeding ulcer! Shocked how did her back pain end up being bleeding ulcer? So was everyone else. May be the medicines caused it.

Stomach ulcers are very common, but they usually heal on their own. However, if not taken care of these can become lethal. Many people suffer from heartburn, stomach pain, indigestion, chest pain, diarrhea, vomiting or even fatigue. Most of the time, people mistake these symptoms to be normal and tend to ignore, without even realizing that inside them detrimental ulcers are being formed and are slowly bringing them closer to death. In worst cases, bleeding from the ulcer takes place and the vomit or the stool appears to be coffee-grain due to presence of blood cells. Stomach ulcer is primarily caused after being infected with H. pylori bacteria in the stomach. This disease usually happens mainly because of some common bad habits like taking NSAIDs (ibuprofen, Advil, etc.) drugs frequently, stress, drinking alcohol, smoking, unhealthy eating practice and so on. The most important thing is not to ignore the symptoms and consult a doctor before you suffer like my friend. As a start, you can know about this illness and further useful information by reading this book. The literature includes:

•Detailed information about stomach ulcer
•The symptoms of stomach ulcer
•Common causes of stomach ulcer
•Different ways to treat it- natural remedies, medicines, surgery
•Prevention of stomach ulcer
•Diet plan and some delicious recipes especially for stomach ulcer patients

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Stomach Ulcer – Treatment, Home Remedies, Recipes (English Edition)

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