Starship Moonhawk: The Death of Perseus (English Edition)


Science Fiction


It all seemed harmless enough…

After receiving a unknown distress call,the Moonhawk arrives on the scene to discover a planet on the verge of collapse. With only a short time to respond, Commodore Gilliad Cobalt sends Lt. Commander Rachael Harrison and Commander Sorthac on what should be a routine rescue operation. But of course, nothing is ever as it seems, and it turns out what began as an offer of humanitarian aid, becomes a firefight to save the ship!

Now the Moonhawk must battle the Fezzini Federation in a struggle for their very lives, all the while the landing party is in harms way. Cobalt had better think fast before the clock runs out, lest they all become victims of The Death of Perseus!

This book is over 20 years in the making, with countless revisions, rewrites, retcons and publications. See now, for the first time EVER in print, the definitive edition of the first Starship Moonhawk story ever told! This book is lovingly edited (painstakingly, I might add…) and revised to conform to the most current timeline in the series, complete with a new forward by the author, an updated and expanded glossary, updated character profiles, a "History of the Future" and twenty pages of production illustrations from the upcoming movie and TV series! (web based)

This final revision of "The Death of Perseus" is a must-have for fans of the series as well as a very special collector's item for sci-fi fans in general. Journey back to where the entire saga began in this short story for the ages.

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Starship Moonhawk: The Death of Perseus (English Edition)

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