Souls Series Box Set (English Edition)


8 Short stories in one big book!
Fractured has added short scene!

The Souls Series Box set Contains The Fixing Souls Series, The Forgiving Souls Duology, Forever Souls a Continuation story and Secret Souls (Jeff and Barbies story)
The Fixing Souls Series is an edge of your seat series that tells of abuse, secrets and discovery. Follow Ethan, Nevaeh, Jared and Devon through lifes trials and tribulations. This Series talks of drug and domestic abuse, murder and kidnap. There is also a M/M couple.

The Forgiving Souls Series: Beginning is the story of Ashley and David Trenton as they try to hold on to a marriage that was everything. As told by Ashley. There is drug abuse and cheating.
Returning Souls is one man's struggle to regain the family he left long ago. Hoping to be redeemed.

Forever Souls is Jared and Devon's story follow them through to what should be the greatest moment of their lives. This is a M/M story

Secret Souls is the story of Barbie and Jeff two people hiding secrets from the people they call family but Barbie is harboring a secret not even Jeff knows.

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Souls Series Box Set (English Edition)

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