Something Born of Madness (English Edition)


While investigating a series of brutally violent killings, investigative journalist Steven Dunne formulates an unbelievable theory – a serial killing animal is terrorizing the country, an unknown species that confounds police and defies description. The mystery deepens when Dunne also discovers that a woman is involved in the killings and is somehow linked closely to the creature. When a ruthless bounty hunter enters the picture, also intent on finding the murderous monster dubbed simply “the Beast”, the stakes suddenly rise and Dunne becomes the quarry, caught between dual embodiments of evil. Circumstances ally him with the woman, whose terrible secret holds the key to the mystery of the Beast and who holds the promise of helping Dunne regain the pieces of himself lost in his storied yet self-destructive past.

Something Born of Madness follows Steven Dunne on his desperate quest for survival amid the horrors born of the Beast and the darkest impulses of the human soul. Ultimately the characters battle each other while facing personal demons that define the boundary between sanity and madness.

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Something Born of Madness (English Edition)

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