SOLD: A Complete Guide to Selling Any Home in Any Market (English Edition)

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Selling a home can be daunting, to be sure. Even so, it still surprises me how often I meet sellers who have tried to sell their house in the past and failed. Many homeowners simply don’t realize the complexity of finding the right REALTOR®, preparing their home, showing their home, negotiating the contract, and dealing with all the moving parts that can break along the way.
As a REALTOR® who has been a listing agent his entire career, my goal for this book is to share my experience and offer advice to homeowners who want to sell their home. Listing agents specialize in working with sellers, and they bring a higher level of understanding to what it takes to get a home sold.
The listing agent you choose to help sell your home is the critical linchpin to all the steps and processes along the way – preparing your home, setting your price, negotiating your contract terms, and then managing what can often be a winding road to closing.
Don’t become another failed home sale in your area. Homeowners need to understand the dynamics of selling, the steps to qualifying the right agent, and the preparation needed for the journey to the closing process.
This book will help anyone gain the knowledge to sell any home regardless of location, condition, or price!
Here’s to Your Success!

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SOLD: A Complete Guide to Selling Any Home in Any Market (English Edition)

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