Shift: 201 Instant-Action Proven Marketing Strategies To Sell More Insurance And Financial Products Now (English Edition)


The FIRST groundbreaking insurance and financial marketing Encyclopedia from Jeremiah Desmarais (De-ma-ray), one of the most respected marketers and thought leaders in the insurance and financial industry, ranked among the Top 40 Under 40. From the author: “For the last fifteen years, I’ve invested in millions in testing, trying and experimenting new and creative ways to generate insurance and retirement leads over the internet. In the process, I’ve also interviewed the top performing marketers, insurance agents and financial advisors across the world – the best at what they do. “My failures have outnumbered my wins by a ratio of 100:1. But when I found something that worked, I tested it in the field again and again until I could systematize it. I called it a ‘SHIFT’. “Fast forward to today I’m humbled that the work of my teams and I, as well as the incredible performers I have interviewed, have generated well over 2,000,000 leads online leading to over 0,000,000 in commissions paid out to hard-working insurance and financial advisors in over 51 countries. Their best ideas are in this book. 201 of them to be exact through 40 groundbreaking chapters. No Fluff. 100% Meat. “This unusual depth has helped make this body of work the first ‘Insurance and Financial Marketing Encyclopedia’ of it's kind. It’s been thoroughly reviewed by no less than 43 CEOs of carriers, FMOs, GAs, MGAs, FinTech Titans, Association Presidents, Editors, Magazine Publishers and respected industry thought leaders from all verticals. “This is not re-hashed or regurgitated techniques from years ago with a glossy veneer. “This book contains the distilled formulas, tactics, strategies, scripts, and ‘inside baseball’ you won’t find anywhere else. It also includes step-by-step “what’s working now” tactics from the frontlines from my private clients and producers you may have heard of until now, but never openly revealed before. No ‘Ivory Tower’ philosophies here. “What makes this ‘SuperBook’ completely different is a relentless focus on actionable details and takeaways you can do right NOW. This is reflected in the box at the beginning of each chapter that helps you learn: How long will this take me to do? What market is this for? How much will it cost? “I don’t view myself as an author. I view myself as an experimenter. If I can’t test something and replicate results in the day-to-day operation of the average insurance or financial advisor, it’s not in here. From complete ‘non-tekky’ newbies to advanced marketers – there’s at least 10 concepts in here for you to model. Guaranteed or your money back. “This book is not a sales letter to hire me. Everything within these pages has been thoroughly vetted, deeply explored, and directly applied to the insurance and financial services niche and nakedly exposed. From financial planning, health insurance, property & casualty, group benefits, life insurance, commercial lines, senior products, it’s all in here for you with no further purchase required. “Agents and Advisors have personally used dozens of the strategies in this book to save years of wasted effort and profit handsomely. “I’ve been told by an industry insider I could sell this book is a 00 course. However, I created this book as a gift to SHIFT the industry that’s changed my life and been so good to my family and I. My hope is that it will SHIFT you and your entire business. “I can’t wait to hear what SHIFTS you’re about to make with this treasure.

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Shift: 201 Instant-Action Proven Marketing Strategies To Sell More Insurance And Financial Products Now (English Edition)

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