Shell Programming in Unix, Linux and OS X (Developer's Library)

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Shell Programming in Unix, Linux and OS X (the Fourth Edition of Kochan and Wood's classic Unix Shell Programming tutorial) can help any modern Unix, Linux, or OS X user get more done faster with their operating system of choice. One of the world's most respected Unix programming books, it has been updated throughout to fully address today's widely-used platforms, including Oracle Solaris, Mac OS X and Linux.


Kochan and Wood show both users and administrators exactly how to take control of their systems, and work more efficiently by harnessing the shell's power to solve many common problems. You'll learn all you need to customize the way your Unix-based operating system responds. Kochan and Wood cover both the Korn shell and three Bourne variants, including bash. You'll start with a general tutorial on Unix concepts and tools: all the knowledge you'll need to write shell programs that do what you want (and don't do what you don't want). Next, building on these foundations, Kochan and Wood show how to work with regular expressions, the kernel and utilities, command files, parameters, text filters, variables, tools, processes, and more. You'll also find detailed coverage of both shell customization and debugging: crucial knowledge for getting the right results, as quickly and consistently as possible.

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Shell Programming in Unix, Linux and OS X (Developer's Library)

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