Shelby And The Night Sky (Shelby's Astronomical Adventures Book 1) (English Edition)


The first of the educational and artistically illustrated series ‘Shelby’s Astronomical Adventures,’ this book, ‘Shelby And The Night Sky,’ takes a look up. The reader will find themselves immersed in the cosmos in this tale about the night sky and the astronomical science of what’s happening above.

Shelby is 9 years old and loves visiting her Grandparent’s in the country. On this particular visit, in mid-August, just before starting 4th grade in the big city where she lives, Shelby notices how fantastically the night sky can be seen from the peaceful countryside.

One night, Grandma and Shelby sneak out to sky gaze and sleep under the blanket of stars above. Granny surprises Shelby Girl with her deep love of the night sky, and all of her cosmic wit. The special bond between this Grandma and her grand daughter makes this educational adventure a treasure for the heart and mind.

Educational concepts include:

Why the moon shines

How the moon got it’s spots

Earth’s rotation & the axis

Reason for the seasons

How to make an ancient sundial

The 8 planets & Pluto the dwarf

Basics of a refractor telescope

What causes a meteor shower

What’s a radiant?

And of course, how to sneak out of Granny’s house!

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Shelby And The Night Sky (Shelby's Astronomical Adventures Book 1) (English Edition)

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