Sex Positions: The Ultimate Guide to Sex: Inspired by Tantra & Kamasutra (English Edition)


Kamasutra & Tantra

Spice Up Your Sex Life

Because sex doesn’t have to be boring!

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Are you jaded by redundancy? Are you looking for more exciting ways to enjoy intimate moments with your partner? Are you ready for a wild ride?

If you are, then hop in and get yourself a little bag of treat!

Having sex is a wonderful experience! It’s also unique depending on personalities. Most partners enjoy it passionately, and some don’t mind a little fire and excitement!

The Ultimate Guide to Sex: Inspired By Tantra & Kamasutra is a must-have! You no longer have to find yourself stuck in one position. This guide will help you open doors to great pleasure that will you and your partner wanting more.

Here’s a sneak peak:

?Missionary Position
?Doggy Style
?Reverse Cowgirl
?The G-Force
?The Mermaid
?The Powwow
?The Tub Tangle
?The Butterfly
?The C.A.T

Surprise yourself and your partner with the amazing things your body can do by following this guide. Not only that you’d get to experience the best sex of your life, but you also get to open up and communicate more effectively with your lover and develop a heightened sense of partnership.

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" J.L Summmers gave my partner and me a lot of new ideas to spice up our sex life." – Herrka Ljublic

"Some great tips, some positions I had never even thought if before! Very enjoyable." – Bernie Jones

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Have Fun!

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Sex Positions: The Ultimate Guide to Sex: Inspired by Tantra & Kamasutra (English Edition)

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