Sex: Best Sex Positions + Dirty Talk: Sex Guide with 20 Best Sex Positions from Tantra and Kama Sutra to Have Best Sex Ever (How to Have Sex – How to Talk Dirty) (English Edition)

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The best sex guide you can find here!

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Book 1: Sex Positions: Sex Guide with 20 Best Sex Positions from Tantra and Kama Sutra to Have Best Sex Ever

20 Best sex positions to bring your sex life on a new mind-blowing level!

This is the most comprehensive guide to sex, which you can find here. Here you will find how to keep your relationship fresh and make your partner to be in awe of you in bedroom. You will learn 20 best sex positions to achieve more orgasms, positions for pregnancy, menopause and other conditions that may hamper sex.

Buy this guide now to make your sex life richer and make your partner to beg you for more.

Book 2: Dirty Talk: 201 Examples How to Talk Dirty and Drive Your Sex Life to the New Mind-blowing Level

201 Dirty Talk Examples to Make Your Sex Life Steamy Hot!

Many couples are looking for ways to enliven their sex life, which eventually lost its sting. Or maybe it’s just a desire to try something new. In both cases, "201 Dirty Talk Examples" – is something that definitely solve this problem. People do not realize how the power of words can change their lives – both sexual and social. Practising dirty talk in your bedroom not only can enliven relationship with your partner, but also can help you feel more relaxed, more open and as a result – happier.

In this book you will find 201 Dirty Talk examples for every life situation – from sexting and leaving small notes on a frige to the phrases used in bed – before, during and after sex. You will walk all the way, starting with small, to the moment when you completely unleash your sexy side! Also in this book you will find tips how to increase self-confidence that will surely help you in your practice.

We promise you that after reading 201 Dirty Talk examples and learning how to dirty talk, your sex life will lift up on a new level, you will discover new facets of sex, and can easily make your partner think about you day and night.

From 201 Dirty Talk examples, written by experienced expert in a relationship, you will learn:

1. 201 tried examples of dirty talk for all stages of sexual intimacy

2. How to Get Started

3. Etiquette (Yes, It Matters)

4. Erotic Things to Say to Your Partner

5. How to Get In the Mood

6. Words for Foreplay

7. Words for Intercourse

8. Words for Mind-blowing Orgasm

9. Post-Coital and After Care Words

10. Confidence Builders

11. Answers on Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

…and much more!

5 reasons to buy this book:

• You will become more confident and looseness

• You will enlive your relationship

• Your personal life will become more intense, even outside the bedroom

• You will be able to experience the most intense orgasms in your life

• Your sex life will soar to a new level and your sexual partner will beg you for sex!

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Sex: Best Sex Positions + Dirty Talk: Sex Guide with 20 Best Sex Positions from Tantra and Kama Sutra to Have Best Sex Ever (How to Have Sex – How to Talk Dirty) (English Edition)

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