Searching For Land (English Edition)

Religiöse Belletristik

Your mother is dead. You just watched your father be dragged to the bottom of the ocean. And now to survive you join a crime ring counterfeit money and stealing identities. Sounds like a pretty bad day!
Well, this is the reality for former pastor's kid Terrance Arrington as he leaves the faith and church behind after his father's disappearance, last seen being dragged to the bottom of the ocean floor. Now Terrance Arrington must navigate life as he discovers a new sense of home and stability as he is searching for spiritual land within himself and turns to secret local crime ring. This page turner is a compelling coming to age story about overcoming loss and keeping faith in the midst of utter despair. Time is running out! Will time and the police catch up to young Terrance? Or will he drown in the waters of life? How long can he keep his head above water? FIND OUT NOW

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Searching For Land (English Edition)

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