Searching for Home (Omegas in Hiding Book 2) (English Edition)


Love—the simplest of gifts—can be the hardest to accept.
Just a short few weeks ago, Jonah gave Alex the most precious of Christmas gifts—his heart. But as the New Year approaches, Alex is convinced of two things. One: The Society for Freed Omegas is ripping off those it purports to “help,” Jonah included.

Two: Jonah’s fears run much deeper than Alex suspected. So deep, so heartbreaking, Alex realizes that leading his mate gently to the door of his secret playroom calls for baby steps. That’s a tall order for size-10 feet that never learned to walk tip-toe.

While Jonah couldn’t be more grateful to have his alpha’s protective presence at his side, the remnants of his old, dysfunctional life are hard to shake off. Especially when his past threatens to pull him right back into the nightmare he thought he’d left behind. And he’s afraid turning to Alex for help will destroy the only dream he’s ever dared to hope would come true.

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Searching for Home (Omegas in Hiding Book 2) (English Edition)

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