Samurai: Cherry Blossoms Fall (English Edition)

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‘To paraphrase the famous words of the Three Great Shoguns of Japan:

“Little Bird – if you do not read this book, you will miss something good in the wind.”

In these stories and excerpts Alex and Josh show their deep interest in samurai, and approach the subject with the respect and sophistication due to the twofold Way of the pen and the sword.’

—Sean Michael Wilson, author of manga versions of The Book of Five Rings and The 47 Ronin

"Stories as sharp as a samurai blade."
—Chris Bradford author of the Young Samurai and Bodyguard series

Samurai commonly describes a warrior in Japan who serves a lord, using combat skills and living by the code of Bushid?. But not everyone followed the code so directly, nor was every samurai so bold and courageous. So while the truth is somewhere between the idealized icon of fidelity and bravery, and bullies with swords, this work features the samurai who lived by their code.

Inspired by the great and legendary samurai themselves, this work of original short stories and poetry is meant to evoke, however briefly, life from the viewpoint of the samurai.

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Samurai: Cherry Blossoms Fall (English Edition)

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