Russian Rules: A Two Week Motorcycle Tour (English Edition)

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This is the sort of adventure possible within summer leave from work.
We started in Finland and travelled through Russia to the Baltic States, Poland and the Czech Republic before heading home. The book is the third in a series telling the story of the magic carpet motorcycle experience of being on a journey through unusual places exposed to the weather.
This time we were also trying to understand what makes us different from the rest of Europe compared to where we have mutual interest in the months just after the Brexit result. This adventure taught me how a man from Fife saved St Petersburg, why I’ll never need to visit a Finnish mixed sauna again and what a Thai massage involves,
We saw some bison, drank lots of vodka and spent many miles on long flat pine forests roads, its part tour, part diary.
If you are reckless enough to take such a journey then perhaps you have an infection too, a brain worm, seriously, I think I might.
Russia is possible in two weeks, we made some mistakes but got some things right, you should try it, the Russians are more like the British than I might have expected but it’s a derelict in the small towns we visited.

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Russian Rules: A Two Week Motorcycle Tour (English Edition)

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