Rune Universe: A Virtual Reality novel (The RUNE LitRPG series Book 1) (English Edition)


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Faceless Corporations. Neon lights that hide rampant crime underneath. The year is 2041.

Cole Dorsett is a Script Kiddie, a thief of information with a chip against the system.
Rune Universe is a game with a billion worlds. With great interstellar alliances, unending adventure, spaceships
that dance around black holes.
And it hides a secret the CIA would love to crack. A secret many are willing to kill for.
Inside Rune Universe, Cole will stumble upon real, mortal danger. To avenge a fallen friend, he must risk it all.

And make a decision that will change the face of the world… forever.


>>>"I enjoyed every page. It's definitely soft litRPG so don't expect a lot of spreadsheets. Rylena was my favorite character. Can't wait for the sequel!" -Marco Mendiola, Reader.

>>>"The story was incredible! A lot of things took me by surprise. I'm totally looking forward to reading the complete trilogy." -Victor Ramos, Reader.

>>>>>If you enjoy Cyberpunk thrillers and full-immersion Virtual Reality worlds,
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Rune Universe: A Virtual Reality novel (The RUNE LitRPG series Book 1) (English Edition)

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One Reply to “Rune Universe: A Virtual Reality novel (The RUNE LitRPG series Book 1) (English Edition)”

  1. 5.0 von 5 Sternen
    Cyberpunk SciFi Mystery Thriller with LitRPG elements, 9. Dezember 2016
    Christoph Wagner (Dayton) – Alle meine Rezensionen ansehen

    Rezension bezieht sich auf: Rune Universe: A Virtual Reality novel (The RUNE LitRPG series Book 1) (English Edition) (Kindle Edition)
    Or something 😉

    Well written, I don't think I saw any spelling or grammar errors.
    For the most part, barely a LitRPG. This isn't a negative though (well, unless you want a pure, hard LitRPG, then it would be;)) as it's a wonderful cyberpunk mystery thriller with some LitRPG and SciFi thrown in. Can't really say too much about the plot itself as it's hard to talk about without giving the mystery away.
    Towards the end (the last 20% or so) it becomes more LitRPG-y and with the ending I expect more of both that, and SciFi from the next book.
    The VR parts often felt shallow, but the mystery held me in the grip till the end. The real world was also wonderful (besides some very early parts where the bad guys were written in a way trying way too hard to sound epic). I could feel the depression of the poor. For the end, my favorite quote:


    Disclaimer: I got the book for free by the author.

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