Royal Flush (Starbird) (English Edition)


Science Fiction

What happens in Vegas doesn’t always stay there.

Working at a Las Vegas casino wasn’t Larkin Hunter’s dream job. A bit lost and a lot dissatisfied, she just wishes something would happen. Being accidentally abducted by aliens—well, one alien—wasn’t what she would have chosen.

A bit lost himself, Te needs a seriously long vacation after recuperating (at least in body) from the last adventure he and his cohort Melena shared. She saved his life and a couple of his limbs, but clearly wonders if she’d done the same for his sanity. A trip to her home town of Darwin, Australia seems safe enough.

His ship the Jeremiah has his own plans.

Making the most of their unintended stop in Las Vegas Te and Melena eventually find their way to a science-fiction themed casino. Neither could foresee the effect this small, out-of-the-way place would have on their lives.

Neither does Larkin, until she leaves work and has to flee for her life, ducking into a seemingly empty alley and finding herself tumbling down a high-tech rabbit hole.

Poaches, assassins, mad princes, and more—it’s more than a girl could ever hope for.

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Royal Flush (Starbird) (English Edition)

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