Rose Under Glass (English Edition)

Literarische Belletristik

When Penelope Hinton’s artist husband dies suddenly in a freak accident, her world is shaken to the core…

Nothing is certain.

Everything is questioned.

Never has she felt more alone, vulnerable and uncertain of herself.

Will Pye Rumpelow, the friendly and gentle owner of her local launderette and attached coffee shop, provide her with the strength and healing Penelope needs to find her own way forward?

Meanwhile a husband moves his family from the comforts, and fears, of rural Wales to realise his dream of a new career in publishing.

The move is not without great cost to his wife and children, however.

Will he be able to repair the damage before it’s too late?

What ghosts are they leaving behind?

Complex and fragile characters meet and intermingle against the backdrop of 1950s London, rubbing shoulders with writers and artists, where the noise and energy of the markets mirror the noise and energy of conversations.

Rose Under Glass is an enthralling literary tale where winding paths through life, death and relationships are forged.

Praise for Rose Under Glass

‘What a very good thing prose is when you use it as well as you do …’- John Betjeman

‘The author examines, through her heroine and the rest of her characters, many facets of the problem of human loneliness.’ – Birmingham Post

‘She has an eye for the beauty of humble and familiar things, and a gift for expressing it in a language sharp yet delicate. She has a quiet, wicked sense of humour’ – New Statesman

Elizabeth Berridge (December 1919 – December 2009) was a novelist and critic. Born in London, where she was partly educated here, she later moved to Geneva. Berridge won the Yorkshire Post Novel of the Year Award, in 1964 for Across The Common .

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Rose Under Glass (English Edition)

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