Root Chakra Cleansing Intensive (English Edition)


Anxiety about the future. Fear of what others think about you. Financial worries or thinking you never have enough money. Absorbing emotions and feeling like you are out of control.

You are not supposed to feel this way and it is within your power to relieve yourself of these uncomfortable and disabling emotions. Each one of these are a sign of imbalance within your Root Chakra.

In this intensive ebook, you will learn:
— The basics of your chakra system including its direct connection your mind and body.
— Signs and symptoms of a blocked root chakra as well as the difference between a blocked and imbalanced chakra.
— A variety of techniques to unblock and balance your root, including meditations, visualizations, dietary additions, mantras, aromatherapy, and more.
— Five unique and delicious recipes designed to get you started on root chakra health.
— A detailed visualization to harness the power of the sun to cleanse your root.
— BONUS free printable cheat sheet to pin up or carry with you in order to make chakra health a part of your everyday life.

You were created to live a life of joy and carefree hope. You deserve the financial abundance which is yours to have right now. You are allowed to feel empowered and in control of yourself.

Cleanse your root, come back to balance, and feel the difference in your life today. Don't wait to feel whole.

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Root Chakra Cleansing Intensive (English Edition)

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