ROMANCE: Stone Hard Alphas (Billionaire Marriage Romance Temporary Counterfeit Romance Secret Love) (Alpha Male Pregnancy Revenge Saga Romance Book 1) (English Edition)


We have all been there before, when you are broke desperate and in need. Vanessa, a girl next door is debt ridden, and need to find money very soon to come out of the debts. When everything was looking dim for her, she found Michael. Michael, a Billionaire, very busy with his work, is single and pressurized by his Mother to get a girl. He lied to his Mother that he have a girlfriend, but when his Mother invites him over and ordered to get his girlfriend along, he gets in trouble. Then he meets Vanessa and persuades her into an agreement but Michael may be just too much to handle for the busy girl who is trying to sort out her life. They are both hooked to each other, and they try to find a solution to their problems. Will they find the solution for their problems, read and find out the intertwined lives of Michael and Vanessa.

What do you do when the one person you hate the most becomes the one person you can’t live without?
A bully by day when it comes to business and money, a playboy by night when it comes to pleasure. That is the reputation that precedes John Knight. He lives life the way he wants, no concern for the opinion of others. He cares for no one, is completely we have all been there before. Not the type of person you want to rely on to survive. Down on her luck financially, college student and full-time waitress Jessica gets rescued from an unlikely and overwhelming source, Billionaire John Knight makes her an offer that is impossible to refuse but terrifying to accept from a man whose affluence she had questioned from the start. Will the fine alpha billionaire really be a answer or will he be a major obstacle and a danger to innocent Jessica?

Stacey has one of the most interesting and exciting jobs you can possibly imagine. Stacey is a Dominatrix by profession, In her mid-30's have a great clientele list to work with. She is single and have only one rule: NO LOVE and LOVE MAKING with customers (intercourse of course). She was married once and have children from that marriage. But that relationship has only given her pain and hurt. And that is why she kept the rule of no love and no sex with clients. Tom is a long time sub for Stacey, and he is in love with her.

It started with a job. That was three years ago. Does the precinct even remember that they left me here?
Three years of living like an outlaw while gathering information on the president of the Phantom Outlaw MC. I’ve done things I never thought imaginable. I’ve grown darker. I’m even sure who I really work for anymore.
The one thing I know for sure? I don’t want out if it means leaving Stormy Wyatt. I’ve gotten close to the president’s daughter. She’s about as much of an outlaw as I am. She’s never belonged. That doesn’t stop her father from trying to make her a part of his club. She’s off limits for a guy like me, just working my way up in the club. No one is allowed to touch her. The motorcycle club princess will go to another president most likely, if her father has anything to say about it. Over my dead body.

Kasey is a bad luck plagued woman who is having the worst day. She’s locked out of her apartment, sees her boyfriend making out with another woman, and even ends up getting a bust of her chest made into a city side walk. Things aren’t going well. Her life is so perfect and yet she still can’t remember the last time she felt alive. One moment can change that, though. Agreeing to spend the day with Ramsey, a leather clad motorcycle club member, is the beginning of a day spent feeling free and fun. Only they soon realize that Kasey doesn’t very easily fit into his world of bars and brawls.

Play-maker by day. Trouble-maker by night. Finally ready to settle down?
Tiffany Applegate just can’t seem to get it right when it comes to men. You won’t believe what her now ex-boyfriend asked her to do before breaking up with her.

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ROMANCE: Stone Hard Alphas (Billionaire Marriage Romance Temporary Counterfeit Romance Secret Love) (Alpha Male Pregnancy Revenge Saga Romance Book 1) (English Edition)

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