Romance: Love Fusion Romance: The One Love (Contemporary Urban New Adult Billionaire Romance) (United States Paranormal Power Love Alpha Male Bad Boy Seduced … Interracial Short Stories) (English Edition)



Get FOUR mixed steamy romance short stories with a collection of 36 bonus romance stories inside!

Her Bearing –BBW Werebear Romance

When Cara Hawthorne goes into the Alaskan wilds to finish her late husband’s nature documentary, the last thing she expects is to fall in love with a strange man she finds injured in the forest. Having just woken from a near-death grizzly bear encounter, Cara tries to help the man by taking him back to her tent.

While trying to healing the man’s wounds, she can’t help but gawk at his perfectly muscular body. It’s not her fault that the man was nude when she found him—but the half-conscious man’s muscles and skin are just begging Cara to cleanse them.

Cara gives into her temptations with the acceptance of the man, who introduces himself as Garth. After their brief time together, Cara’s camp is attacked by the grizzlies from earlier, and Garth must protect her yet again. What was supposed to be a casual rescue mission on Garth’s behalf turns into a romantic liaison that will challenge him to reclaim his title as king of the forest.

Flaming Passions –Firefighter Threesome MFM Romance

Terry was happy with her life as a hard-working single woman, even if relationships were few and far between, be they steady or casual. Content with regular drinks with her best friend and confidante, Alice, her life seems set along a single, static path.

But an accidental fire brings new possibility into her life in the shape of seasoned firefight Larry, and his younger buddy, Tim.

Terry is charmed by their respectful treatment of her half-dressed condition, and is overwhelmed by Larry’s protective nature.

Still reeling from her escape from the smoke-filled apartment, Terry extends an invitation to dinner—and perhaps more—for her rescuer, who she traced back to his workplace.

But in offering her hospitality, Terry forgets that Larry was not working alone. The power of the “telephone” game can change a simple dinner invitation into something much, much more.

Fate has a host of new experiences planned for a lonely, stay-at-home thirty-something woman.

WE WERE THREE –Menage Billionaire Romance

It’s one thing to have had a threesome, sexually speaking, as an encounter or fling or that one wild night. But it’s a completely different story to be a woman and find out that your two best friends from college have both decided that “you’re the one”, morphing your life into something completely different. Holly, Andrew and Cash are hot and sweet friends who were all born into well established multi-million dollar and billion dollar families. They were an inseparable and fearsome threesome long before any notions to take things further had hit, and it was quite a surprise when they did. Find out how they go from friends to official and don’t miss a minute of Holly’s star designer outfits, and their life in the riches as twists and turns snuck in behind all the flirtations and hot steam will have you dreaming your nights away in her shoes.

Interview with an Alien –BBW Football and Alien Romance

Gillian Johnson gets the ultimate sports interview. Running back Marcus London had agreed to an interview with her, and no ne else. She was the envy of sports reporters and drove out to his desert ranch nervous and excited to talk to the handsome football star.

The interview gets interrupted by an attack from the sky. Before she knows it Gillian, Marcus and his Butler, Kirkpatrick, are hiding in a bunker of extraordinary technology. She watches on a screen as the mansion and her car are completely destroyed. It was then that she discovered Marcus London’s big secret. He is an alien. As in from outer space sort of alien…

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WARNING: This eBook contains mature language and content intended for 18+ readers only!

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Romance: Love Fusion Romance: The One Love (Contemporary Urban New Adult Billionaire Romance) (United States Paranormal Power Love Alpha Male Bad Boy Seduced … Interracial Short Stories) (English Edition)

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