Romance: Love Fusion Romance: The Delicious Boyfriend (Alpha Male Nerd and Bad Boy Billionaire Romance) (English Edition)


Get FOUR mixed steamy short stories with a collection of 30 bonus romance stories inside!

Marine Babe –Military and Pregnancy Romance

Emily Lindsay is six months pregnant, and stuck at home with a nursery to redecorate. Her feet and back ache constantly and she is looking forward to a long, soothing bath.

But Emily is about to receive an unexpected visitor, someone she hasn’t seen for weeks, someone who is very welcome in her home—her fiancée.

With three days of company ahead of her, Emily is determined to make the best use of her very own Marine Sergeant, whether it be asking him to move furniture, putting up curtains, or finishing the decorating.

Alternatively, they could undress, bathe together, and recreate the intimate positions that ensured Emily conceived in the first place.

What is a lonely, hormonal, frustrated twenty-something woman to do when a handsome and super-fit fighting man walks back into her life?

Wolfess’s Desire –Werewolf Romance

Sarah was kept in a cage almost her entire life as a bid sale in the sex slave industry. Fortunately, she wasn’t raped, beaten or abused any more than just being ignored, and even then there was always one person who came to see her in that dank, cold prison. Her only friend, Mikael, was her lifeline for three years until he suddenly stops, disappearing from her life completely.

Now Sarah is twenty-two years old, freed from her cage and learning about the world she’d been deprived of when Mikael reappears as abruptly as he left. The past twelve years they’d spent apart span only the time it took to blink, and all she cares about is being with him.

Despite his abandoning her, leaving her in that hellish place only to pop back up, her trust in him is absolute.

Blood Bound -Vampire BBW Romance

Life was simple for Victoria until the day she failed to stake a vampire and found herself one of the undead. Victoria use to be a Hunter. Failure should have come in death, but now she finds herself at the mercy of Rick—a fellow Hunter she’s been trying to avoid since the day he kissed her.

Hunters are not supposed to form attachments, but Rick seems to think he can bind Victoria to him, and use her as a weapon for the undead. Victoria believes it will all end in bloodshed. Is it possible for her to find salvation as a monster?

Quarterback Dances – BWWM Werebear and Football Romance

Rosalina Parks is a great dancer; some would even say an amazing dancer. However, for the past five months she’s been stuck in a dead end relationship and hesitant to get out of it. Awkward social situations just aren’t her forte. When her friend comes to her with proof that her boyfriend is cheating on her, all bets are off.

Enter Owen Marshal, a star football quarterback slash bear shifter in a serious rut. His team barely made it to the Superbowl and it was mostly his fault. Frankly, he’s lost his drive, and everyone is suffering for it. In a desperate bid to get him back up to par, his teammates take him to a dance club. The same club Rosalina just happened to be at the right time.

With a way for them to meet, sparks fly instantly and the Superbowl seems like a lifetime away.

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WARNING: This eBook contains mature language and content intended for 18+ readers only!

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Romance: Love Fusion Romance: The Delicious Boyfriend (Alpha Male Nerd and Bad Boy Billionaire Romance) (English Edition)

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