Romance: FRACTURE, A Sports Romance (English Edition)



Adam is a professional quarterback for his local football team, and is looking to further his career by getting himself signed to one of the major league teams. His fiancé Sally, is a self employed model, and although she has little interest in his career, is extremely excited about getting married to him in a few months time.

Although Sally's high maintenance demands and single minded focus on the wedding plans can sometimes wear him down, things are generally going well in life for Adam.

But when Adam fractures his leg during an important game. It’s an injury that threatens to shatter his career and his dreams, until his physiotherapist gives him something entirely different to dream about – her.

Lisa is beautiful and gorgeous and, as Adam quickly discovers, has much more in common with him than his fiancé does. During their regular physio sessions, they grow closer and closer and a heated romance develops, one that threatens to turn Adam’s world upside down, forcing him to make a choice between the two women in his life…

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Romance: FRACTURE, A Sports Romance (English Edition)

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