Romance: Ally The Romantic Book 2 (LGBT Contemporary Gay Lesbian Bisexual Transgender Romance) (Urban Fantasy New Adult and College Power of Love Alpha … Secret Short Stories 0) (English Edition)


Get FOUR hot LGBT romance short stories with a collection of 36 bonus romance stories inside!

Baby Dyke –Lesbian Ghost Romance

Lisa and Amber are on a road trip for the summer. Two college friends off on a spur of the moment trip. However, Lisa is keeping a secret from Amber. When circumstances leave her injured and both of them stuck in an old mansion, she finds her secret could be the meaning of them living or dying.

They are forced into a game that they do not understand. Amber only wants to help her friend, yet her physical desires are gaining control over her. Will she be able to realize what they mean? Or will Amber be unable to figure out there meaning in time to save them.

Will Lisa be able to find a way to play the game despite her injury or will she fail and doom them to an uncertain future of loneliness and horror?

Both women face a decision that may hang on the knowledge and ability to share their desires together. If they cannot they could be doomed to a horrible future.

Seduced by the Countryside –Gay and Bisexual Threesome MMF Fantasy Romance

There is still magic and mystery in the world. All you need to do is know where to find it. When Dana and Lee move to the country for a simpler life, they get more than they bargained for. She wants to live off the land and he wants to finish the novel that he started.

When Dana starts work on the farm, a neighbor introduces himself as Frankie and immediately immerses himself in the work. With the face of an angel and the body of a Greek god, Frankie is more than a bit of a distraction.
When Lee realizes that Frankie is the perfect inspiration for his book, he invites the man into their lives and things begin to get complicated. As things heat up, Frankie is at the center of everything but what does he want and who does he want it from?

Come to Me Please –Transgender Billionaire Romance

Patricia Snowball recently had a sex change from being a man and into a woman. This was because in her life as a man, she could not seem to find the love and comfort that she craved. She had been raised in a family that comprised of her mother and her sisters, no father figure. Back in the day when she was a man, she had grown and adapted to the feminine behaviors of those around him. In the ending, unable to find the sort of love and satisfaction that she wanted, she decided to get a sex change and start her life over in a new city.

Millionaire Ethan Bradford knew that he wanted Patricia Snowball with a passion right from the very first time that he laid his eyes on her. He later met her at a party at the Four Seasons, and he realized that what he felt for her was more than just attraction. Could it be love, because he was a man that did not believe in love?

After getting the best experience of her life, Patricia knows that she has to tell Ethan that she was once a man, Patrick. She is not sure whether he will take off and forget about her, or if he will understand her and hit it off with her.

Ben’s Bad Bike –Gay Bad Biker Romance

When a lawless teenage biker gang terrorizes his small-town diner, and he is forced to defend his staff from attack, Ben has no clue that he will find love in the shape of the gang’s leader, the one they call Skinner.

As an unlikely ally when his bikers get out of control, Skinner reveals a deeper, vulnerable side to Ben, laying bare his fears for his future, and the reaction of his family when he reveals his true nature to them.

As a kindred spirit, and one who appreciates the difficulties of being a gay man in a small town, Ben is irrevocably drawn to the biker leader, risking his gentle nature in a world where exposure can have painful consequences.

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WARNING: This eBook contains mature language and content intended for 18+ readers only!

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Romance: Ally The Romantic Book 2 (LGBT Contemporary Gay Lesbian Bisexual Transgender Romance) (Urban Fantasy New Adult and College Power of Love Alpha … Secret Short Stories 0) (English Edition)

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