Roget's Thesaurus – Definitive Edition [Fully Searchable] (English Edition)


Improved in 06/01/2011 – Improved navigation and formatting. Even better now!

Finally, an edition of the world acclaimed thesaurus that you can actually search as a dictionary!

Until now, all editions of Roget's Dictionary for Kindle lacked a proper dictionary index which made them difficult to use.

That is not the case anymore! With this Definitive Edition you can:

– Search the Thesaurus just by typing the word you are looking for, like in other Kindle Dictionaries.

– Browse through an Active Table of Contents where concepts are organized by category, section and subsection.

– Define Roget's Thesaurus as your Kindle Default Dictionary.

Now it is the time for the Kindle users to get the best selling Thesaurus of English Language in an edition carefully designed to meet their needs.

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Roget's Thesaurus – Definitive Edition [Fully Searchable] (English Edition)

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