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Andros Georgiou and Georgios Kyriacos Panayiotou, George Michael to you, are “The Children of The Greeks: 2nd generation cousins.” Their fathers, two Greek men from Cyprus, immigrated to London and married two English women from London. Their fathers’ intense bond translated into their two families being raised as one, their two sons being raised as brothers.

The time was England from the early 1960’s to the mid 1980’s from the suburbs to the West End, then, it moved throughout the world, right up until they parted ways in 1998. And, for the most part, it was all about the music. As children, the games of their youth became about the music and, as they grew older, their childhood games turned into training sessions that, when circumstances miraculously put George Michael in a spotlight that shined in front of the world for the rest of his life, they were ready. If anything could make two young men in their early 20’s ready for a life of glamour and style, celebrities and royalty, they had only up to that timed dreamed about.

And for a long time, it seemed nothing could tear these two apart. When fame happened, George brought Andros along without so much as a hesitation, and Andros stuck by his brother, looking out for him at every turn. In turn, George watched out for Andros when he would get carried away in a sea of drugs and sexual promiscuity, until George actually steered Andros to the lady who would become his wife for the next 22 years and still counting, Jackie.

When tragedies did come that reached the point of devastating, their bond was stronger than ever, especially when close friends and family passed away suddenly and tragically.

When the time came for George to discuss his sexuality with Andros, in the beginning, it initially was nothing more than a metaphoric speed bump in their relationship; something that Andros totally didn’t expected, but, within short order, didn’t make a bit of difference to him. Andros openly included George in the family that he was soon to have, asking George to be the “Godfather” to his two sons, James and Harry. It is fact. When James was born, Andros brought George right into the delivery room and they welcomed James together, even giving him his first bath at the hospital.

Life definitely wasn’t perfect, but, to most of all, they seemed close to pretty much having it all.

Then 7 April 1998 happened.

George was arrested for “lewd conduct” in a Beverly Hills park restroom. The world knows what happened as it made worldwide headlines. In the personal, that date and that occurrence was the beginning of a tear in their relationship that has yet to be resolved to this day. The actual incident that ended their life-long relationship occurred under a year later and was nothing more than a “silly argument” at a restaurant where they had lunch scores of times before. Its what came afterward that Andros totally didn’t expect and at times to this day still can’t fathom.

It was over between them? They have never spoken directly since.

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ROCK: The Luckiest Man in Pop (English Edition)

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