Robin Hood Hacker Collection – The #1 Techno-Thriller Series (Robin Hood Hacker Techno-Thriller Series) (English Edition)


From Carolyn McCray, the #1 Bestselling author in Men's Adventure, Techno-thriller, Action Adventure & War, comes The Robin Hood Hacker Collection.

All of this for just .99. A .99 value!

Praise for Robin Hood Hacker series…
"Encrypted by Carolyn McCray is a fast paced, hair-raising thriller with a cast of fascinating characters. The heroine, Ronnie, has Laura Croft's moves, Sherlock Holmes' intellect and Indiana Jones' charm."
Charlotte Abel
Author, Enchantment

"From the moment I started reading this book, I was in awe. Encrypted is action packed from the first sentence. I couldn't turn the pages fast enough. From hackers, special agents, to the plague, you won't be able to put this one down until the end!"
Book Goddess
Book Reviewer

This COMPLETED collection includes…

Hacked, the prequel short story
Encrypted – the first book in the #1 techno-thriller series
Binary – the bridge short story between Encrypted and Cipher
Cipher – the second book of the series
Zeroes – the short story bridge between Ciper and Code
Code – the final book of the trilogy
Ones –  the post-code short story!

More praise for Robin Hook Hacker…

"Dan Brown blinked and Carolyn McCray took over. Encrypted is the best thing that I've read in the thriller genre, hands down. It's got history, mysticism, shadowy organizations manipulating world events. Oh, and did I mention the most incredible opposites attract
relationship EVER? This novel knocked my socks off."
Ben Hopkin
Thrillers Rock Twitter, Book Reviewer

"Halting the spread of a weaponized redo of the Black Plague? Intending to plunge the world into a medieval hellish vision of the Hidden Hand? It's never good when the dead could turn out to be the lucky ones. That's a lot of responsibility resting on the shoulders of a brilliant cyber hacker and a sexy FBI agent. Makes you wonder who's calling the shots? God, the angels or a 13th century cult that would make Lucifer blush."
Taylor Lee
Author, Big Girls Don't Cry

"I found this book to be just as the title said an action packed techno thriller. I read at least a book a week but this was one of those impossible to put down books. It was well worth the money and based on this book I bought her other book and will be placing the next in her
series on my wish list."
Scott Powner
Amazon Reviewer

If you enjoy the intrigue of The Bourne Identity, the historical texture of Dan Brown, and the roller coaster action of Indian Jones, you are going to LOVE "The Robin Hood Hacker Collection!"

**If you were looking for Carolyn's follow up to the 1st cycle of the Robin Hood Hacker series simply search under The Viral Pathogen Thrillers!

**If you were looking for Carolyn's extremely controversial historical thriller, simply search under The Betrayed Omnibus Collection (#1 Kindle Bestseller in Men's Adventure and War categories, but be warned, this series is WAY more controversial than Encrypted. or Cipher)

**If you were looking for as many thrills as can be contained in a collection, check out Got Thrills?

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Robin Hood Hacker Collection – The #1 Techno-Thriller Series (Robin Hood Hacker Techno-Thriller Series) (English Edition)

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    For a non-native English reader the Robin Hood Hacker Collection is exceptional comprehensible. I wouldn't know some of the physics specific description in mother tongue … I enjoyed reading very much the whole time. If you like the Kay Scarpetta or Da Vinci Code you shouldn't miss out on this collection.
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