Robert Michals: The Demon In The Trees (English Edition)

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Robert Michals has spent his entire life preparing to become an Investigator, like his Father before him. The Watersburg Police Department grants his wish, and he becomes the youngest Investigator in recent history.
When he catches his first case, he’s ready to tackle anything that gets thrown his way. What starts out as a simple robbery develops into something, unlike anything the small town of Watersburg, Maine has seen before. When the Daughter of the local District Attorney goes missing, Michals is racing against the clock to find her.
As the information before him begins to make less sense the more he learns, Michals uncovers a terrible secret that has been plaguing his home for years, hiding just beneath the surface. He needs to figure out whether he’s stumbling down a false trail, or what would be worse, that there may be some truth to an old legend. The legend of The Wendigo.

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Robert Michals: The Demon In The Trees (English Edition)

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